Hard chrome plating rectifier.This device is designed and manufactured

for continuous and long-term operation .For better controlling of this device by operator , the control panel of rectifier will be built separately .In this case,rectifier locates in separate hall near to bath and the control panel is installed in separate place near to operator.It is built based on orders in different powers :3000,4000,6000 Ampere.


A variety of products

Design and construction of different types of transformers and rectifiers for industrial and laboratory applications based on your order. Variation in output power from 10 to 15000 Ampere with variable Voltage and variation in design Automatic or manual , Remote control or control by the rectifier itself,Analog or digital display.

After sale services

Prominent feature of our products is not their high-quality manufacturing,however, after sales service and technical services and delivery of spare parts are the other features of our products.At least one year guarantee for products and 10 years products support assure our esteemed customers.

Quality guarantee

All copper winding, ripple :zero, not using the low quality and poor raw materials and primary components, guarantee the quality of our products and your projects.All devices are equipped with safety key and protection system, and are made of the best and finest materials and components available in market.

Why Us

Firouziancompany , with more than 45 years experience in Iran, has good knowledge of Iran market and proper relationship with Iran`s industries and products. With Regard to this relationship, now, we are ready to provide you with what you may require from Iranian products with best quality , in addition to introducing your products in Iran market. You are kindly requested to contact us , if you would like to receive the Iranian products which are available in other countries , or if you want to introduce your products in Iran market , also for more information and starting cooperation

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